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SSRS – Smart Labels

June 25, 2012 Leave a comment

In general, we wouldn’t complete any SSRS chart reports without spending some time on Smart Labels options setup. The Setup of smart label is completely centric to business rules of report presentation so we don’t have any predefined rules while developing.
Here discussing a scenario which I encountered recently at one of my client.

Step 1: Most popular report design using charts, it has to show the data labels for both chats and lines.
SSRS is smart enough to arrange all the data labels asymmetrically for better presentation. It will adjust the values using arrows by default at the scenario of overlapping same values of different charts (in this case 4,814).

Step 2:
At the report chart level, we have an option for setting different values for this overlapping scenario including disabling the smart label option. In my personal opinion, the setting of these options depends on presentation rules of either business users or organisation so we just couldn’t conclude with single setup. Playing with different options is always fun.

Step 3: While playing, It is always first thought as what-if disabling smart labels and which leads to bad data presentation as shown in the below picture (see at Align of values). It is better to try different settings for your presentation rather than disabling.

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