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SSRS – Hidden properties

January 6, 2012 2 comments

It is very common scenarios in reports to repeat header columns on all the pages and hide the entire Tablix/table on no rows to display in the report.

Step 1: Properties setup

Using a report from previous post for this demonstration
Run the report to view the existing behaviour of header in the report

Here we don’t have any repeating column header in page 2.

Select the advanced mode on group properties as

The Groups properties will get the static properties of groups as

We need to repeat the header rows on all the pages so need to select the Rows static groups to get the rows header as

Select the properties (F4) on (Static) and the default properties are as

Here updating the properties of RepeatOnNewPage, Fixed Data and HideIfNoRows as

Step 2: Result of the properties setup

Scrolling header: The columns headers are scrolling as

Repeating header: Repeating the headers in every page of the report as

Hide the report: Hide the entire Tablix upon no rows in the report, here I am searching for a product –for simplicity I am searching for my name as I know my name is not a valid product so expecting no rows in the report so the Tablix will be hidden as

Points to consider:

1. Used only the properties related to tablix groups but we could also use the tablix properties to repeat the static header to repeat on all the pages besides scrolling headers

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