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SSRS – SharePoint Views

August 26, 2012 Leave a comment

SharePoint views are one of the main topics while integrating SSRS with SharePoint. It can be used to setup reports Cache, Snapshot, Processing time-out and many more options. Here planning to discuss SSRS Cache plans setup using SharePoint views.

Step 1: Log on to the SharePoint portal with Admin permissions and select the Manage Content and Structure from Site Actions

Step 2: Select the SSRS reports site and Edit Properties i.e. BI Demo Site is the project folder used for this demo

Step 3: We transferred to Library settings and select the Create view option as

Step 4: Select the required views and here using Standard view format as

Step 5: Name the view name and required setting and most of the time we go with default options and this screen will transfer to SSRS reports library

Step 6: Select Manage Processing Options to the required reports. Here we can setup the views to all reports or only to the required report, here considering to setup to only the required report as

Step 7: We have many of processing options settings, select Use cached data and configure option for custom settings as

Cusotom setting configurations will give options as

We can see the final settings information on the report as

Points to consider:

1. Discussed only a basic setup of Cache plan but same view can also be used to setup snapshot of the report
2. Cache and Snapshot settings depends on the default settings of report parameters so watch out for SSRS parameter settings
3. Cache settings depends on the Data Source permissions settings i.e. Stored Credentials and Windows Credentials

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