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SSAS – Attribute properties

October 24, 2011 Leave a comment

Recently, I have involved in a conversation on SSAS hierarchies properties.
I always feel the development of SSAS cube depends on the selection of properties options with respect to the source data.
I would like to document one property to avoid the end-user ambiguity while analysing the cube using Adventure works cube.
Step 1: The initial attribute properties setup on the solution as (MemberWithData = NonLeafDataVisible)

Step 2: Process the dimension and the process succeeded as

Step 3: Browse the dimension and select the Employees Hierarchy and the parent data appearing in the child records as shown below. The repetitive data in the hierarchy level makes the ambiguity to the end users

Step 4: Change the attribute property as (MemberWithData = NonLeafDataHidden)

Step 5: Process the dimension to deploy the changes as

Step 6: Browse the dimension employee hierarchy and the child ambiguity data has been hidden so to get the accurate parent child related data to the end-user as

Points to consider:
1. I have presented only a particular property of the dimension apart from many of the implemented properties.
2. I would like the present all the attribute properties as a series in future posts

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