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SSIS – Not loading last row from CSV files

January 26, 2012 1 comment

This week, I have got a strange requirement from one of my clients as they are exactly missing last row from CSV files while loading into database using SSIS package.
Scenario: We have a SSIS package loading bunch of CSV files everyday
Problem: The package is not loading exactly last in from all the CSV files, too strange for me
After a bit of shock from the point of SSIS developer view, I feel that I am going to learn a new concept here
I tried to debug the SSIS package, unfortunately I didn’t find any strange behaviour so I narrowed to only the flat file connection manager.
I find a strange Text Qualifier as _x003C_none_x003E in the Flat File connection manager as below

I have updated the Text Qualifier as for initial testing as below

I got a successful trial here, loading all the rows from CSV files in PROD.
Here, SSIS packages having some issues with SP and CU updates or when we deploy any packages and then updating/changing the environments including x64/x32.
I still not convinced why we are only missing the exact last row while loading the files.
I also end up with an interesting msdn forums thread here and I recommend considering Todd’s points

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