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SSRS – HTML tags as styles

February 5, 2012 Leave a comment

Formatting and Styles are one of the main reasons in reports to impress the business users from the usability point of view.
Here, we will see a simple format of the report to make a big impact on the readability point of view.
It is very common to show the parameters data on the report to know about the filter information to users. We will see HTML tags as Styles in reports
Step 1: In general, the parameters info presented in the reports in normal format and most of the times it is not hard to identify in the first instance of the report view as

Step 2: To change the format of the expressions, Select the column value or Expression, here using the expression and select the Placeholder Properties as

Step 3: Select the HTML tags as styles option so we could use the HTML tags into the reports expressions

Here updating the expression to include the HTML tags to make the expression value as bold, used the Expression Value to apply the bold format to the expression

Step 4: preview the report for the results, here used the same searching parameter for comparison and the results with parameter value in bold as

Points to consider:
1. We could use this HTML – tags on the any column or expression in report
2. We have many advantages of using HTML tags in report to solve many readable formats and one of the business requirement on formats along with my answer from msdn forums could get from here

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