In this analysis information world everyone wants to see the information in different scenarios, technically role-playing scenarios. Tabular is having role-playing scenarios with a lot of difference from UDM model.
Here we will walk-through a scenario

1. Internet Sales is having 3 different scenarios of dates i.e. relations with Dates such as Order Date, Due Date and Ship Date hence user is expecting to analyse information in 3 different scenarios.

2. Tabular is defined to have one “Active” relationship i.e. in this model defined as OrderDatekey as

3. The design is also having the remaining relations with in-active i.e. these are not under default relations

4. Let’s write a simple scenario using Date and Internet Sales as

summarize( 'Internet Sales'
, 'Date'[Calendar Year]
, "InternetSales"
, FORMAT(SUM('Internet Sales'[Sales Amount]),"currency")

5. Here we could use the “userelationship” to enforce the in-active relations to aggregate the measures such as “DueDate” and “ShipDate”

measure 'Internet Sales'[InternetDueSales] = calculate(sum('Internet Sales'[Sales Amount]) , userelationship('Date'[DateKey],'Internet Sales'[DueDateKey]))

measure 'Internet Sales'[InternetOrderSales] = calculate(sum('Internet Sales'[Sales Amount]) , userelationship('Date'[DateKey],'Internet Sales'[OrderDateKey]))

measure 'Internet Sales'[InternetShipSales] = calculate(sum('Internet Sales'[Sales Amount]) , userelationship('Date'[DateKey],'Internet Sales'[ShipDateKey]))

values('Date'[Calendar Year]) 
, format('Internet Sales'[InternetDueSales],"currency")
, "InternetOrderSales"
, format('Internet Sales'[InternetOrderSales],"currency")
, "InternetShipSales"
, format('Internet Sales'[InternetShipSales],"currency")

Points to consider:

1. Role playing scenarios are possible in Tabular using DAX functions
2. Developing reports using Tabular needs to have the design information to report developer as well as for ad-hoc reporting
3. Imagine the scenario of end-user developing an ad-hoc report using tabular model without knowing DAX though I haven’t tested this point
4. I can see the importance of DAX before going to use Tabular model

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